Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Face Tells a Story (Part I)

Well. We're back in the states after what felt like a month-long trip, and before I go into detail I'll ask you to take a good look at Sofia's face in the photo above. Ok, now what do you think is going through her head at that moment? I'll tell you. It's a single word, one syllable: "Why?"

That's correct. "Why?" As in, "Why did you two drag me down to Central America when I wasn't feeling so well?"

Hmm. That's an excellent question Sofia. We'll need to think about that one a while. Can we give you an answer when you're, say, 30 years old? Great, thanks.

If you haven't heard already, or were not there to experience it first hand I will try to paint a picture of our tropical getaway down in Panama. Before we left, we brought Sofi to the pediatrician who, after checking her, reassured us there was nothing to worry about and that should she come down with a fever to take her to the doctor on the island. But at this point, she had mild congestion and no signs of an immenent fever. So we were relieved to hear exactly what we were hoping to hear. That our vacation would still happen. Though I must admit there was a moment during the doctor visit during which I hoped he would tell us "Look, you two are smart... just stay home, give up the dream of this vacation and do what's best for the little one... there's always next year." But that thought was quickly silenced by another voice in my head, this time it was me floating in a pool with a sweet tan, beverage in hand, and a cool breeze in my face saying "Whatever're going to give this up... look at this place.. it's paradise!" (takes sip from drink as a monkey knuckles over to poolside with a fresh drink) Damn, he's right. I mean, I'm right. I mean, we're right. So we lugged our luggage because that's where the word comes from anyway and we always like to do the proper thing.

The flight from Newark to Panma City (Tocumen Aeropuerto): be continued