Sunday, December 17, 2006

Here we go again!

Man. Time flies these days. We're five months pregnant now and Dana's belly looks as if she's in her 8th or 9th month. They say the second one shows much quicker. Dana's next to me right now playing her guitar and singing...I'm sure the little one can feel the vibrations and is probably pretty happy at the moment.

This last sonogram we had (first one for this baby) was supposed to show us the sex of the little peanut, but it was a bit camera shy and kept squirming away from the relentless noise of the ultrasound. We've got another appointment in January and the technician promised he'd be able to tell us what it is then.

Anyone have any strong feelings about what it's going to be? Post your votes as comments below! The winner gets to baby sit as much as they want.

Sofi hasn't connected the bulge in Dana's belly with the fact that she'll soon be a sister to someone (and judging by the sonogram, it's looking like we'll have some sort of unidentified lizard left over from the cretacious period), which is fine because we have a few spray bottles and some electric hot rocks laying around the house)

She's really great with other babies in her life, gentle, and very curious... Uh oh! sofi's up... gotta cut this one short... ahhh, I just had a thought about what life must have been like when you had more than ten minutes in a row to anything! We watch movies in small chunks.. more like short films that are somehow connected by the same actors and music. Makes life that much more interesting...

oh.. right... i said i had to go... and I meant it...