Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The latest sketches...

I think this one really captures the essence of D––although I understated the size of her belly... in reality it's a bit bigger... very sexy.

And this one is more true to the actual size of her belly

Monday, March 07, 2005

Plans. Dreams. Still possible?

We all have dreams, don't we? Some have blue-sky dreams, others humble-pie––no matter their scope, we all have them. The age of thirty had always loomed in my mind as a measuring stick by which I'd measure my success in life––or lack thereof. Thirty has come and gone, but now a new life gauge has toe'd itself up to the line––parenthood. Age is unavoidable. Having a child is––for the most part–– pure choice. Now that I've crossed through that doorway I find myself standing on the other side, looking around at my new surroundings and wondering––what does it mean?

I've always had this fantasy of spontaneous rock-stardom––you know the sort of fame I'm talking about––the one where the record label executive hears you humming one of your songs in the next stall of a public bathroom and––through the sheet metal divider––offers you a three record contract and you sign the papers on the tile floor––and when you walk out of the bathroom door, there's already a line-up of press with their flashing camera and microphones.

Unrealistic. Sure. But does it keep me going. Sure.

The point of all this is––suddenly I've realized that, in order to get what you want––you have to work hard to get it. And guess what? Someone hasn't been working that hard––and that same someone is expecting it all to magically fall into his lap.

Anyone have any words of wisdom out there?

Words of Wisdom

A new friend of mine offered this link to a beautiful article he wrote back in '01 when the world didn't seem like such a safe place anymore––for Americans anyway. Check it out... thanks for sharing it Matt!

Read The Article Here

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Expansionist Theory

Every few weeks I'm going to sketch D and her belly to catch the subtle changes that a camera might not be able to see because it's a machine––and machines will never know what it means to love someone.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Little Black spot on the sun today

Couldn't help but sing that tune while looking at the screen in the doctors office.

After the appointment I was inspired to write this short poem:

Now that you are my burning star
Your day will be longer than mine.
But don't forget how––silent––
I saw you rise.

Second Dr. Appointment

Went today with Dana to Dr. Solomon's in suffern. She performed an ultra-sound for us to hear the babys heartbeat.
At first there was nothing but white noise––then suddenly a sound that was like the sound of a train coming toward us––only two miles away. Barely audible––but a heartbeat for sure, piggybacked on Dana's steady backbeat.

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