Monday, March 07, 2005

Plans. Dreams. Still possible?

We all have dreams, don't we? Some have blue-sky dreams, others humble-pie––no matter their scope, we all have them. The age of thirty had always loomed in my mind as a measuring stick by which I'd measure my success in life––or lack thereof. Thirty has come and gone, but now a new life gauge has toe'd itself up to the line––parenthood. Age is unavoidable. Having a child is––for the most part–– pure choice. Now that I've crossed through that doorway I find myself standing on the other side, looking around at my new surroundings and wondering––what does it mean?

I've always had this fantasy of spontaneous rock-stardom––you know the sort of fame I'm talking about––the one where the record label executive hears you humming one of your songs in the next stall of a public bathroom and––through the sheet metal divider––offers you a three record contract and you sign the papers on the tile floor––and when you walk out of the bathroom door, there's already a line-up of press with their flashing camera and microphones.

Unrealistic. Sure. But does it keep me going. Sure.

The point of all this is––suddenly I've realized that, in order to get what you want––you have to work hard to get it. And guess what? Someone hasn't been working that hard––and that same someone is expecting it all to magically fall into his lap.

Anyone have any words of wisdom out there?


Fat Daddy said...

In my younger days I recall being struck with awe when crew members of the starship Enterprise were transported through space and time in a matter of seconds. Amazed that Scotty was so successful in beaming Captain Kirk and Spock to and from various locations throughout the galaxy in nanoseconds. "Boy, if I only had one of those transporters......."

Tom, we're all hurtling through space trying to make the best of the space we occupy --- be it physically, mentally or emotionally. You are going through a change that you fought off for some time now. You are going through your own metamorphasis brought upon by the thought of being both a husband and a father. Your life journey has changed and will continue to change; always try your best to rise to these new and rewarding challenges.

You have already identified your own issue(s). Words need to become action. You have been blessed with a great amount of talent. You have been blessed with the gift of love and the ability to give and feel love. Indeed, you have crossed through a new doorway and there will be other doors to enter throughout your lifetime. Each door provides new hope and opportunity, if we seek it. Do not be afraid to enter. Try always to remain positive and make the best of all situations.

Tom, you will always be successful if you do not procrastinate. Procrastination is a paralyzer. Analyze your talents and options and create a plan. Like the Nike commercial says...."Just Do It"

You have my love, support and admiration. I am proud of you and your accomplishments. I have faith that you will continue to be successful in a career but more importantly --- I know in my heart that you will be a kind, caring and loving husband and father.

Remember the Boy Scout slogan? "Do Your Best". Ask yourself if you have done your best when you rest your head on the pillow at night. Always be thankful to God for all the blessings bestowed upon you; learn to ask Him for direction in your life.

May God continue to bless you and Dana.

With all my Love, Dad

DanielKramer said...

You got it right on the button! Keep the dream in heart, always, and use it to push you farther. Keep playing it!!!
You is da man!!
Bro in da law

May Daly said...

My son "let not your heart be troubled."
Your life is spiraling forward as God's plan brought you and Dana together to share the rest of your lives through a loving and spiritual journey. God does keep His "Promise."
Remember what you told me once "get out of your own way." And I did.
Move forward."Be Not Afraid" and overcome what you fear most - success is not vainity it is what your God given talents deserve. Whatever might be in your way, clear the path, remove the blocker - you can do it!
I love you dearly and God how I love your wife, my daughter-in-law with all my heart and soul.
Pray to Grandma - she is there to help you.
XO+aKazillion XO's........Mom