Monday, September 12, 2005

The Closet is finally finished!

All our hard work is finally visible. Our little baby is going to be so impressed with the work we put into his/her room that they'll be speechless, probably for the first year or so.

Here's D, working hard. And no... she's not using polyeurethane, it's linseed oil. The vapors aren't harmful, and it reminds me of art school. We didn't want to use varnish in the baby room due to the fumes it would give off.

And here's a shot of the final piece. Can you find Dana in the picture? Hint... she's the one hiding in the closet.

1 comment:

fatdaddy2 said...

Fantastic job----it is an unique creation just as is everything you and Dana undertake --- I'm sure the little one will be swinging on the doors very, very soon!
Love You,
Daddy D