Saturday, June 23, 2007

House Full of Ladies...

Is it bad that I started wearing nail polish and crimping my hair?

A quick update on our little tribe of doubleX chromosome people.

Noa is now starting to look human. We're all a bit relieved that she left her infantile looks behind her. She got a cute little button nose, and eyes that we're having a very hard time identifying exactly from which side of the family they come from. Some days is Dana's side, others it's mine for sure. What's the deal with babies, they can't make up their minds!

Right now, Sofi is giving Noa her morning wake up routine, squatting over Noa as she sits in her bouncy chair. Noa looks petrified as Sofi waves her arms and pokes her nose and tries to make baby talk.. it's really funny.

... gotta go... will add to this later.

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Anonymous said...

Tom, its Jon, the drummer...always enjoyed reading this....its about time you updated yea?