Monday, August 22, 2005

Almost an Ima (that's Mom in Hebrew)

Look how beautiful Danush is. I mean, how damned cute is this? It's heartbreaking. Sleep is becoming more and more difficult as I'm running out of room on the bed ;) But seriously, for Dana, it's getting tough with the baby moving so much, the extra strain on her back and the swelling in her legs and feet.

At our friends house this weekend, we had the ring on a string gender test done. Tie the wedding ring on a string.. hang it over the belly and wait. If the ring begins to create a circlular looping pattern––Girl. If it swings like a pendulum, back and forth––boy. Well, according to this test, it's going to be a hypnotist... or a jeweler. It did swing back/forth like a pendulum though. Hmmmm.


fatdaddy2 said...

Tom, I found the "ring/string" concept interesting. I thought that I could debunk this mystery so I did this test on myself.

I suspended my ring over my pouched belly --- it neither circled nor wavered left/right. It did however point to the refrigerator where I keep my Eskimo Bar ice cream. So, I'm a skeptic turned believer --- it works in a bizarre way!!!!!

audiopilot said...

Nice Dad. So you've upgraded from Moosetracks I see... ;)

Anonymous said...

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