Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sudden rain, and other things.

Things are quited down for the moment But, like the sudden rain last night, so might life suddenly rain down upon us with unexpected drops of experience. Rain. There's a lot to learn about the world little one. The cycles, the hours. The cleansing power of rain. Things you can learn in books, and others you learn from looking around.

But this wait is almost unbearable. The due date we were given is September 21st, but most of our friends who have had children lately have had them come as early as three weeks before the due date. So, by those standards, our little one may very well be here anytime from next week to a month from now.

Friday night it actually hit me that Dana is actually going to have a baby soon. Don't ask me where I've been this whole time. Most likely in my head––the control room with all my experiences on giant display screens, like NASA command control, the Batcave. Events and people all kept in discreet files; faxes and memos flowing in a constant stream, connections being made every day. But the commander-in-chief of my control room must have made an executive decision to leak this news slowly, for fear of system upheaval––or even better still, mass hysteria. But when the last bit of news finally had sunken in , I felt happier than I'd ever felt before. A pure strand of joy––hydroponic hippie joy, if you will––filled my body. The kind that, if bottled, Timothy Leary would have been lecturing about. So it suddenly dawned on me... this is my life. It's happening. It's here. It's now. And I love it. All of it.

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