Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fluid by Design

Every seven years or so, every single cell in our bodies is replenished. We are liquid by design. A flowing river of flesh and blood. We are poster-children for change .

What does this mean for us? It's proof that to hold on too firmly to anything that is your physical makeup is the same as grabbing a handful of water. Try it next time you're at the ocean, or in the bath. With a strong hand, reach down to grab a fistfull of water. Hmmm. It seems that the harder you squeeze, the faster the water escapes your grip.

Now try again, but this time with a cupped, open hand. Gently lift the water. Notice how the water peacefully remains in this almost effortless position. Now think about the firmness of your mental grip on your own identity, and the identity of others in your life, family, friends, acquaintences or enemy. Keep this in mind always.

This photo Dana took of Sofi and I was a happy accident (credit due to TV Painter Bob Ross here) that shows how fast she's changing before our eyes, and in turn, how fast we all must have changed in front of our parents eyes.


adam ross said...

awsome and so true, love you guys adam and erin she is so beautiful, as are you both. time is also like water perpetually flowing anew

audiopilot said...

no it's not.

{ just kidding }

it totally is.

fatdaddy2 said...

Great perspective Tom---being a parent --- a good parent --- is enlightening and most certainly a challenge

patrick said...

another great musing by my new favorite modern day philosopher!

yes- i am constantly reminded of this idea.

even though a river never has the same water pass through it it is still called the same name, much like ourselves and our cells... ;)

sofia is so!

Anonymous said...

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